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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH) have been on a journey to achieve national and international recognition for nursing and midwifery care excellence for over 10 years. In October 2020, NUH received the call from the American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC) to notify us that Nottingham City Hospital had successfully been Magnet® Designated. This is a huge achievement for NUH and something we are very proud of.

Magnet Designation® is the most esteemed accreditation globally awarded for care excellence.

The ANCC Magnet® Recognition Program designates organisations worldwide where nursing leaders successfully align their nursing strategic goals to improve the organisation's patient outcomes. The Magnet® Recognition Program provides a roadmap to nursing excellence, which benefits the whole of an organisation.

To nurses, Magnet® Recognition means working in a culture of shared decision-making (Shared Governance), education and development through every career stage and support for evidence-based practice, research and innovation leading to greater autonomy at the bedside.

To patients, it means the very best care, delivered by nurses and interdisciplinary teams who are supported to be the very best they can be.

Learn more about our Magnet® journey here.


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