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Shared Governance Showcase

Members of Shared Governance councils at NUH have used Shared Governance as a platform to present at National Conferences, publish articles in healthcare journals and successively receive national awards.

Shared Governance Councils at NUH have been recognised for their outstanding innovation and improvements, not just in the hospital but out in the community.

Trent Cardiac Centre Garden

The Cardiac Speciality Shared Governance Council was pivotal in the rejuvenation of a space near the Trent Cardiac Centre at the Nottingham City Hospital. A disused, ugly space was transformed into a beautiful, restful garden for the benefit and wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors. 


Photos showing the new Trent Cardiac Centre garden

CPR Teachathon

The Paediatric Emergency Department Shared Governance Council identified the difference that could be made in the outcomes of adult, infant and child collapse if more people in the community knew adult and paediatric resuscitation. With this in mind, they set about planning and running a CPR Teachathon. This programme attracted interest both locally and nationally, and taught many people CPR techniques that could potentially save lives.


A photo of parents learning CPR