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Wider Workforce Team

The Wider Workforce Team support staff working in Nursing and Midwifery support roles and those in nursing apprenticeship roles across Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH).

Within the Wider Workforce team we have a mixture of Registered Nurse Clinical Educators and Clinical Trainers with a background of working as Healthcare Assistants.

The team offer extensive pathway opportunities into healthcare and believe in creating a supportive learning environment for all. They support the pathway from recruitment to induction, and then provide ongoing training and development within colleagues' chosen roles to help them achieve their full potential.

The Wider Workforce Team facilitate and support:

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Practice Education Team

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The Institute Practice Education Team at Nottingham Univeristy Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH) supports nursing and midwifery students in clinical  practice and the transition of newly registered practitioners and registered practitioners who are new to acute care.

The team provides comprehensive and evidence-based preceptorship programme, training and education. The team values the importance of on-going clinical and pastoral support given to registered practitioners in order for staff to have a positive start in their career in healthcare.

The team work in partnership with clinical educators and team leaders across the divisions to build skills and confidence of nursing staff to provide high-quality and safe patient care.

The Practice Education Team facilitate/support the following:

  • Lead the provision of Acute Care Skills Course
  • Lead the provision of Resilience-Based Clinical Supervision
  • Work clinically with newly registered nurses and support them whilst transitioning from being a student to an accountable professional
  • Work in partnership with Higher Education Institutions and local schools through carer open days and inspire future nurses to join the profession
  • Deliver training for new Practice Supervisors and Practice Assessors to increase placement capacity in the Trust
  • Provide guidance for current Practice Supervisors and Practice Assessors to effectively deliver a positive learning experience to students in practic
  • Facilitate career conversations and coach members of staff to explore the variety of career pathways in healthcare
  • Work in partnership with educators across the UK and share up-to-date information about supporting learners in practice

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