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Leading the development of new knowledge, 

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Research and innovation

Research and Innovation that represents the diversity of our patient population is our core business. 

We are committed to improving quality of care, patient experience and outcomes by:

  • Embedding evidence based practice principles in the care that nurses and midwives deliver
  • By leading and developing programs of research and developing knowledge and skills that enable nurse and midwives to be involved in research and innovation at every level
  • Engaging with patients, their families and carers to underpin and inform our work

We work in a culture of talent spotting, talent management and talent sharing and are committed to developing and mentoring nurses and midwives at Nottingham Univeristy Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH), in partnership with other healthcare professionals to deliver on these key ambitions.

We also support nurses, midwives and nursing associates with professional regulation.

Research and innovation at all levels

We develop capacity and capability for nurses and midwives at all levels to undertake research and innovation activities. This starts at ward and unit level with embedding evidence based practice initiatives with staff at every level and extends up to our highly successful clinical academic training programs that range from masters level research training, through to doctoral and post-doctoral development.

We provide in-house training and development for nurses, midwives and AHPs to undertake research and innovation activities which include:

  • Evidence in Practice course

  • Chief Nurse Fellow Programme

  • Step into and Grow into Clinical Academic Careers

  • Post Doctoral development

  • Grant writing and support

  • Chief and Principle investigators

'Step into Clinical Academic Careers' Programme

As part of the Nottingham University Hospitals' ongoing commitment to supporting clinical academic careers for nurses, midwives and AHPs, we are running a series of mentorship programmes. The ‘Step into Clinical Academic Careers’ programme is a series of sessions which have been specifically designed to help colleagues in the application process for the next stage of their clinical academic career.

The sessions will be an opportunity to meet other NMAHPs, have supervised mentorship from more senior clinical academics within the Trust, and give colleagues some space to develop and write their applications and develop their aspirations.

If you would like further information, please email 

Chief Nurse Fellow Programme

The Chief Nurse Fellow Programme is a year long fellowship which offers time to undertake a service improvement project which will contribute to improved patient outcomes, increased clinical effectiveness and excellence in care.  

It is an opportunity for the Fellow to benefit from a bespoke personal development plan and includes both academic and clinical supervision to ensure that they achieve their potential.  

If you would like to know more about the programme please get in touch: 

Career journeys

'My Career Journey' - Sinead Ryan

Chief Nurse Fellow (2020) and Deputy Sister, Loxley Ward